California killer's misogynist rants inspire #YesAllWomen

Elliot Rodger, 22, went on a rampage Friday night, May 23, near the University of California, Santa Barbara, stabbing three people to death at his apartment before shooting and killing three more in a nearby neighborhood, sheriff's officials said. I think a lot of men feel like it is wrong to paint with a broad brush, and they don't want to be associated with this lunatic who did this mass killing.

Deadly rampage in California college town

Deadly rampage in California college town


By Steve Almasy and Haimy Assefa, CNN


Deadly rampage in California college town


Deadly rampage in California college town

(CNN) -- Elliot Rodger's journal is filled with lengthy diatribes against women.


The 'twisted world' of a 'kissless virgin'


Thousands of women have used Twi tter to express their solidarity in response to Rodger's hate-filled rants that led to him killing four men and two women Friday night.

Deadly rampage in California college town

Deadly rampage i…

Artichokes Are A Strange But Healthy Food

Lowers blood sugar.

You can serve these veggies hot as well as cold. A Few individuals serve a new dipping sauce along with artichokes. That could be the shame in order to ruin a lowfat meals with a rich sauce, therefore get one associated with these low-calorie, yogurt-based dip.

If you haven't eaten an artichoke, an individual may be a little confused about what part will be edible. The Actual outer leaves are hard and a small bitter, nevertheless from the underside of the leaf, exactly where they will pull away in the stem, there's a soft, velvety hunk regarding "meat" that you can consume by simply gently pulling your leaf through your teeth. Following you've nibbled all associated with the leaves this way, you're left with the very best section of the artichoke - the particular heart. This specific is really a soft, nutty-flavored middle in which can be eaten whole. Simply scrape off the soft fuzz with a spoon before you dig in.

Several scientific studi…